Making user names and passwords for sites,

You can use the same user name that you can remember but make sure to use individual strong passwords for each site.

A strong password must contain at least 8 characters long and it should be mixed with numbers lowercase uppercase letters even with a symbol.

eg – fv3967B64 , GH6554#sn

Use your best email as you need to verify each account prior to withdrawing or recovering passwords.

Traffic exchange-

Traffic exchangers are sites that give free traffic as you watch others sites. So joining a traffic exchange you can get free traffic.

Some sites give 1 credit per view while others give 0.5 0r 0.33 credits for free users.

You can get free prize pages while surfing which includes free credits or small cash etc. also participating in a daily contest give more credits,prizes.

But it’s not regular money-making sites like PTC, But you can promote your crypto sites, TE sites, new projects, co-op rotator links or you can even make splash pages so you can get more profit indirectly. And also get more commissions when referrals upgrade etc.

You can surf a few sites same time to gain more traffics. Make sure you comply with terms as most sites don’t allow Adult, Ponzi, HYIP, PTP & PTC sites, etc.

Using faucets, PTCs-

Never use bots, ad blocks, or VPNs that are killer of facets, PTC sites as no revenue earning from ads. If you use any you can get caught and suspend your account.

Always choose premium sites that do not have intrusive ads or popups with reasonable earnings. which will introduce on this site.

For some faucets, you must be registered, But for instant faucets, simply you can put your micro wallet address and solve the captcha, antibot link, and claim.

Wallets -Where you can store coins.

For BTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, and many coins…..


Micro wallets

faucetpay – is today’s most popular microwallet that uses most sites.

  • Micro wallets are the middlemen services between your sites and direct wallets.
    Normally, sites pay a small fraction of coins, like 100 satoshi, which is not enough to cover the direct wallet transaction. But Microwallet can collect even 1 sat, and after collecting from various sites and reaching the threshold, you can directly withdraw to your coin wallet.
  • Some micro wallets can exchange each coin also.
  • After joining the micro wallet you must add each address.


airtm – add funds, exchange, and withdraw to many options including PayPal, and debit card.

  • Today many currency exchangers even wallets can exchange crypto for fiat money today.
Purpose of list

This site helps you to find the very best low payout, easy crypto earning sites like – faucets and PTCs.This list updates regularly.

Avg earning –

  • You can earn min avg…0.0005$ for claim faucets, min 0.001$ for shortners, and more here with many tasks.
  • Pay out only 0.01 $ for most sites. So you can earn daily 0.02+ easily from these sites.
How to –

Try to use 2-3 sites at the same time for fast claiming. Never use ad blockers, never create many accounts, and never use VPN as you can get banned from these sites & fake traffic also causes sites close soon. Remember ad revenue is important to faucets. Also, make sure to verify your email for withdrawal. If you have a problem with any site follow the FAQ or contact tab.

updates –

This list makes after checking for nonintrusive ads and reasonable reward amounts. Many sites use different coins with direct payouts & Low payout to micro wallet fp – faucetpay which, you can collect a small payout then exchange and easily withdraw to your direct wallets.

Guarantee –

As these sites have low payouts, it’s not considered a scam, but they can change the reward amount and can close at any time. So make sure to withdraw soon once it reaches the threshold.